Research for Idea 2- Consumed by Metal

So my research for this idea was a lot different compared to the previous story as because the story has elements of science and robots I needed to focus my research on some of those key factors. So this first link below is a link to IMDB where I have checked a list of robot related films including; Transformers, terminator, Robocop and many others to help me think of some robotic creations that would suit the idea of my protagonist turning into a robot. The main point of this list was to make sure something like my idea had not already been made before so I do not copy someone else’s idea. Plus helping me to consider the look of my robotic character when he changes into it.

Films research

Below is some reference links to sites where I have researched chemistry, this is because in the beginning of my script I was thinking of having some science related questions for the protagonist to answer before encountering the Alien A.I in his head. So the main part of this research was to get some ideas of chemical symbols (periodic table) and how chemicals bond together, for instance water is 2 hydrogen and one oxygen making H20.  Having this research will help me to write a accurate representation of questions that would be asked in a science class, making the protagonist think of the answers, and making sure I say the right equations and symbols for the questions and answers to make sense to the audience.

Science research

As you can see below I have a video reference of the female transformer from revenge of the fallen, where she disguises herself as a human and then transforming into a robot. This was the first thing that popped into my head after I came up with my idea of having a human turn into robot. But because this is already a robot changing back from a human it is not quite the same as my idea. However looking back on this video did help me to think of ways of having the main characters skin turn into metal. So when the girls transforms I was thinking of having individual parts of the character turn to metal slowly as he tries to control it, making a more dramatic dialogue between the characters as the protagonist changes.

Transformers 2 human transformer

Because my idea was going to be a film I immediately thought of looking on the BBFC website ( link is below) to help me get some ideas for the things that would be suitable for the target audience. Looking into film age rating I could see that my idea would not really be suitable for younger audiences because of the transformation idea and the violence. So looking into the next stage higher in the audience rating, I found 12 which I thought would be quite suitable for this film. This is because films like transformers have this age rating, so I thought if I am going to have a transformation from human to robot that is not that graphic then a 12 rating should be fine for a film idea like this. Furthermore in terms of script the idea may have some more advanced language (science) that younger viewers would not understand so it would be better for the 12 and over age rating.

Target audience

Now because my idea is set in Scotland I went onto Google to look at some different Glens  (hills) in eastern Scotland that would help me to get some ideas for the school environment. But being in Scotland during the Easter holidays I was able to get some insight into the glens helping me to visualise my idea in a realistic landscape. But looking on google has allowed me to explore more of Scotland that I may not have seen on my travels up there. This research was mainly to help me plan out the setting for the script and the type of accent the characters would have in the story due to which part of Scotland they are in.


Looking at the links above for guidance into my idea I now have a rough idea for the storyline to start planning out/ drafting out my script in Celtx. Using this research as a reference I will be able to set the scene in the script using the ideas I have mentioned to make some unique characters that will be distinguished by the dialogue in the script. Next I will need to research the final idea of my 3 ideas and then start drafting some of my ideas in Celtx for the scripts.


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