Research for Idea 1- The Foolish Thief

Before looking into my research I have made this idea up by using a previous idea from my ideas portfolio which is called the gold thief. I made this idea during my ideas portfolio in ideas factory so I thought I would develop it further to make a more appealing script idea. Here is the PDF file to the previous script idea to give a insight into where my ideas came from.

(Ideas portfolio script below)

The Gold Thief (Finding the gold scene)

Below I have researched various ideas and themes related to my chosen idea in order to help improve my story ideas and find suitable features for the target audience. So to start with below I have researched Goblin like characters from other animations and general images. So the first link is a google images page where I simple looked up some Goblin designs to see what they look like and helping me to imagine how they would talk based on their appearances. Thinking of characters like Golem from Lord of the rings I thought about having limited speech patterns to help show the Goblin like character through the script.  Furthermore I researched into the Bergens from Dreamworks Trolls in the second link to see how the characters have that ugly look to them, along with a grumpy type attitude. Plus because this is a recent animated film, I thought it could help me think of ways to represent my idea visually in a animation.

The third link in the character list is a animated film called the black cauldron, where I thought about animated Goblin characters and how they have been represented to a particular target audience. Therefore looking into this I thought about making some animated Goblin characters who are suitable for young viewers because the language from the characters would be quite simplistic and like the Bergans the characters would visually be simplistic to watch for a younger viewer. The final link is a google image search for the Goblin king from the Hobbit to help me figure out the dialogue and look for a more intelligent goblin who would be in charge of the other goblins and have a unique personality. As the Goblin king in the hobbit is quite large and ugly it can help to show the power of the king stasis, which I  was considering implementing into my Goblin king character.



Researching into target audience, I simple looked into films like the black cauldron and Trolls to help get an idea on the audiences that watch the animated goblin characters. For the black cauldron, it is  a Disney animation showing that it can be suitable for families, which helps to bring the idea to me of perhaps having a family based audience so parents with kids to make a story that can be read by the parents to their kids. Furthermore this can be said for Trolls too, meaning that animated films with simple characters, which in my case are Goblins can be best suited for young children and families. Another film I researched in the last link in this list was Box trolls. Now I know that trolls and Goblins are slightly different but being a stop motion animation the target audience is still similar to the other animated movies. Therefore using this research I shall figure out which audience would be best suited for my story whether that be young children aged 5 or older or perhaps have a family related target audience.

Target audience


Furthermore using Google I looked up some ideas for a environment setting for my story. So this concept art from the Hobbit shows a Goblin kingdom in a cave, giving me the idea of having a cave or a dark castle as the setting to show that Goblin character. Plus thinking of Goblins and Gold in my story I need to consider having a cave with lots of gold to banish Grex to when he is judged. So perhaps by having a dark castle I could then banish Grex into a dark cave to show a isolated side to the character in the story.



But using this research for this particular story I shall go through all the ideas I for this one story and figure out the best target audience, characters and setting for the script to take place with. But this research will be used as a guide/ reference to help me plan out how the story will be told to the target audience. Next I shall need to research into my other ideas to help me with target audiences for each of those stories.


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