Bird flying in air animation roughed and line work

Using the reference footage with Dan and Steve’s feedback on blocking out the animation I decided to edit the arcs making it into 3 instead of 4.  So below is the reference footage I used from YouTube to get the main actions for the flap of the wings. Plus because this reference had frame numbers I was able to use it as a guide for timing the wings flapping frame by frame in Toon boom harmony.

Below is the first edited version of the animation after getting feedback. So after looking into the arcs on my animation, I cut out the last arc so that I could develop the three arcs. Plus using Dan and Steve’s feedback I animated the bird wings to look slightly more natural than they were before. Using the reference as a guide I was able to get that natural flow on the wings to get that swooping action instead of the jump from pose to pose. Furthermore I took on Dan’s advice and made the bird considerable bigger on the final arc to help show a quick turn rather than moving the arc into a large curve. Using this helped me because I was able to get a better looking animation without having to change too much that I have already done, which would have been more time consuming.

Below I have added the character design over the top of the animation, by using the blocking of the character design in the previous video above I was able to go through and add all the filling frames between the key poses. I have not added small details like blinking or breathing because I wanted to get the main actions done first before focusing on other details. However I still think that the bird flapping looks a little unnatural so I shall need to go through and think of a way fix the issue with the flap of the wings.

Below I have added the line work to the animation, refining the animation with neater lines than the rough look. Using the rough lines as a guide I used the pen tool to draw other the rough art in a vector layer, allowing me to make smooth lines for the character design. Although I was unable to get some more natural action into the bird’s flap I think that the character design kind of takes away that unnatural look.

Now having the line work for the animation I am going to leave this part of the animation as it is for now because I need to focus on animating other parts of my idea, so that I can develop the robot characters. However my next task will be to animate the rest of the bird movements and start focusing on a environment, with the character animation for the robot characters.


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