Visual storytelling blocking out all 7 scenes

Here I have used my reference footage to block out all the animation for 7 scenes of the robots in a junkyard animation. Using Toon boom harmony and my edited reference footage I have blocked out frame by frame the major keyframes in each of the scenes that will help to show the key movements of the scenes allowing me to go through and add all of the appropriate frames. I made this video as I wanted to show my blocking for the animation but also to me figure out the order of the scenes.

To do this I used my storyboards to help me plan out where each of the individual animations will go in the scene by order of beginning to end. Although this is only the basic character movements it has provided me with a clear visual idea of what to include. Furthermore if it is necessary I have a reference video for me to edit, cutting out any scenes that may not be needed or if have to be removed in order to meet the deadline.

Next my task will be to go through and use my storyboards and reference footage to help me animate the break frames and the rest of the frames between them. In addition I shall add some camera movement during the course of the production to help make a appealing animation for the target audience.


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