All Reference footage compilation 

​To start animating my scenes, or at least consider animating I needed to film so reference footage for my ideas. Using my beat boards I was to go through each of my scenes and make a list of all the footage that I needed in order to animate the character in that scene. So making the list I went through it like a checklist and filmed all the relevant reference footage using my Nikon camera and tripod. While I was in Scotland during the past week I thought it would be a good opportunity to film some of the reference footage with the stones in the garden. Furthermore I have also filmed some footage in my garden at home allowing me to film any of the reference footage that I had missed before hand. For  the reference footage I have mainly acted out the movements for the small robot, large robot and bird characters in the animation to help me develop each of the movements in my story.

Looking through this reference footage I can see I have made some interesting actions that can benefit me when animating my hand drawn animation in Toon Boom Harmony. Your probably wondering why there are numbers in the top left hand corner of the screen. This is because unlike Maya you cannot add a image plane, but you can import the reference into Toon Boom. However my method of using the reference footage was to have the reference on my main monitor and my toon boom file on my Wacom cintiq allowing me to animate efficiently. But the issue would be is that I would have no frames to work with.

Therefore using premiere pro I added each of the reference footage files into premiere and added a time code effect to make the frame numbers appear on screen. the adding a black colour matte and cropping the image, I was able to add the frame numbers into a place where the action will not be effected. Each of these reference footage videos has been edited with this same technique allowing me to have all the frames in a suitable position. Now having this reference footage available I shall block out all of my scenes to help me plan out how long the animation will be and how long it may take to animate in time for the deadline. But this reference footage with the frame numbers on will allow me to have the toon boom frames in line with the reference footage, giving me some natural looking timing for each of the animated scenes.


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