Script Ideas- Storylines 2

Script idea 3

Title: Fear of Solar


  • Horror
  • Sci-fi
  • Film

Story idea

  • A cabin crew is sent into deep space with the intent on looking for after the survivors of Earth, who are in stasis after the sun went supernova.
  • However humans living on Earth affected by the solar flares from the supernova, caused mutations leading to a stone like creature that feeds off energy.
  • The crew must stop a creature who got aboard before it feeds off the engines of the ship. Overtime the creature mutates growing in size and other abilities including extendable arms and vent solar heat.

Main idea

  • As the sun goes supernova the Earth is destroyed from the heat waves from the supernova. This causes the space station that evacuated the planet a few weeks beforehand, gets hit by a meteor storm. But the meteors are fragments of the Earth with radioactive isotopes from the supernova inside. But if the dust from the meteors comes into contact with any living matter it can cause a stone like transformation becoming a solar monster that feeds off energy, living or artificial. The crew must destroy the creature before they and the remaining survivors are infected or killed before reaching their intended destination.


  • Captain Merlin Farris (Captain of station)
  • NOVA (Artifical intelligence)
  • Frankie Stewart (Medic)
  • Jessica Bradford (Pilot)
  • Harrison Young (Engineer)
  • Bobby Tross (Stasis pod checker)

Creature- Once a human named Adam Maywether, stone creature was human that turned into radioactive stone from the heat of the supernova that vents out solar energy and the radioactive dust.



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