Script Ideas- Storyline ideas

Script idea #2

Title: Consumed by Metal

Main characters

  • Mrs Dee- Teacher
  • Damien McDrake- protagonist
  • Alien A.I- Antagonist
  • Nick Brooks- Friend of protagonist
  • Jasmine Oakley-  Friend of protagonist
  • Ashley (Ash) Moore-  Friend of protagonist

Target audience

  • Age 12+

Other characters in class (Peers/ side characters)

  • Julie Read
  • Ed Jameson


  • Damien’s house in the middle of the Glen (Hills)
  • Scotland/ Eastern Scottish Highlands
  • School- Glenlocket High School


  • Sci-Fi
  • Animation

Script 10 page idea

  • Damien goes up to the board to write when he is overwhelmed by power from the Alien box. Everyone crowds around when the fire alarm goes off and friends stay behind to help.
  • Damien rather than turning into a suit, he starts to become a robot as his skin and voice become robotic.

Script idea #1

  • Title: The Foolish Thief


  • Judge is very tiny and is held up by another goblin who sneezes or burps in the middle of the Judge’s sentence.
  • After Grex tries to steal the king’s gold, He is trailed by a judge.
  • With 2 guards holding him with a dog collar
  • Judge reveals a gold coin, showing the jury Grex’s violent behaviour.


  • Grex the Goblin (Royal Advisor)- Protaganist
  • King Boogle- Antagonist
  • Judge Grimme
  • 2 Guards- Burt and Dike
  • Few Goblin citizens in the jury


  • Fantasy
  • Comedy
  • Animation

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