Javelin throw Spline edit, Polish and Render

Previously I have been splining the Javelin throw animation after Joe blocked it out. Now I need to continue the splining the Javelin throw where I need to sort the Javelin out and edit any of the main actions in the eleven rig. Looking at the animation below I have splined the main character, having the main actions almost ready for polish, I think some of the components needs to be edited further. Plus the javelin seems to keep jotting around the scene, jumping in and out of the characters hand making it really unappealing to watch. Therefore the next step in this animation is to refine the movement of the javelin so that it fits in the hand of the character and stays in position rather than jumping around.

Compared to the previous playblast above I have edited the javelin so that the javelin jumps around less, but there is still a issue because I can see the javelin moving around when it should stay in a similar position in the palm of the character. Using the graph editor I need to edit the arcs of the javelin to help get all the frames in a suitable position compared to glitching around the place.

Looking at the animation below I can see that the spline pass is refined for the character, but the issue still remains with the javelin because it seems to move when the character leans back. Therefore I will need to go through the graph editor to refine the movement of the javelin to look more natural. I think that if I use the graph editor whilst looking at the javelin at a close up point, I will be able to see how the graph editor affects the javelin’s position.

Below is the polish playblast for the javelin throw animation, looking through the movements I can see that the Javelin looks much better than before, making the action seem much more natural, which is more appealing. I have edited the character by refining the open and close motion in the hands to help get the natural features of the hand while running. Furthermore I have added a blinking motion in the eye, using the blink key in the channel box. Having this helps to show the natural eye movement compared to staring. Looking online I got a idea that blinking should close for about 2 frames, hold for 1 frame and then open in 3 frames. I also considered making the blink every second to make a natural looking timing. I think I should consider moving the camera as well to help show a close up of the character action.

Below is the final rendered animation using Mental ray sun and sky lighting. I chose to use this because it helps to give a more appealing/ refined clean animation with some natural looking shadows on the floor. The reason for the floor being red is because I wanted to apply a texture that had the Olympic track for this event on it. Unfortunately it looked to stretched out and seemed to stand out more than the character. Therefore I made the floor red to help get a similar feel but without the texture. Looking at the animation I realised there is still a issue with the javelin as it slightly moves around in the characters hand moving back and forth compared to up and down. So next time I should consider watching the playblast more careful before going on to the polished animation.



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