Assignment 2 Contextual essay (final)


After drafting out my essay I read through it slowly and carefully, adjusting any spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Furthermore I made sure that I did not repeat myself. Using my various sources I found on Sherlock (journals) and the internet (sites) I was able to construct a essay that discusses the many issues and impacts Disney has made on the target audience. This includes things like Body image and gender representation. The main reason why I changed the essay title from “How body image impacts the target audience”. to “How Disney animations have influences and effected the target audience.

Within this essay I have discussed about the various influences and effects that Disney characters in particular have made on the target audience. Therefore I have mentioned about the effects Disney has made on both boys and girls. As Disney character’s body images has effected and influenced both boys and girls in various ways, causing both mental and physical harm. However through the years of Disney animation, there has been some more positive than negative affects on the target audience. For instance characters like Merida in Disney’s Brave has shown how independent she is, as well as having a more realistic body image compared to characters like Jasmine from Aladdin. Furthermore it is the same with boys as Gaston from beauty and the beast had a strong muscled and arrogant appearance, whereas Kristoff from Frozen has a kinder personality with a less large muscled body. All of these topics in relation to my statement in the title of the essay have been discussed and explained in the essay above.

Looking through my essay, I think that it came out quite well, as I have explained and explored all the points I have tried to represent originally. But looking through the essay I should of explained some of the points more furrowly, discussing more about how the effects have developed over the course of Disney’s animations. Next time, when writing a essay, I should expand further on the points I am making, using the quotes to back up and help expand on the views and information I am discussing.


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