3 characters group performance animation

For this group performance animation we were tasked to come up with an idea and animate a group performance where each person in our group will animate one of three characters in the scene using a audio clip. I am with Hannah and Jack for this group project and I have started preparing the previs for the scene. To get the audio file I instantly thought about 11 second club, so going onto their website, I went through previous monthly challenges and found a audio clip which seem really fun and interesting to animate to, you can find this audio file using this link; http://www.11secondclub.com/competitions/june11


As you can see in the image above I have started setting up the scene for the characters and the environment. Basically my idea from the audio file was to have a king arguing with a knight or peasant about him not listening. As we needed to have three characters in the scene I thought about adding a queen in the scene, where she will sit in the background but react to each of the characters conversations using body language and facial expressions rather than talking, as there is only two people talking in the audio file.  I made the scene by using a combination of planes and cube polygon primitives to help get a rough size for the room. I was thinking of making a throne room so both the king and queen can be sitting in their thrones, higher than the peasant to help show that level of power between the characters.


In the screenshot above I have used the different channel box adaptations to the eleven rig to help show the different characters, so the king is the character at the front with the moustache and short hair. Whereas the queen is in the background with long hair and a smaller waist. I simply went through the channel box and changed the different features including; Male, female bodies, Hair, facial features and torsos. Furthermore going onto the creative crash website(https://www.highend3d.com/3d-model/chair-3d-model-75814) I downloaded a model for a chair to help position the characters in the scene. But these will only be temporary as the chairs do not match the theme or scene very well. Therefore I shall either download another model or make my own.


Above is the basic setup for my scene, as you can see I have added some stairs which were made by using cube polygons and using the scale tool I simple stacked them up and manipulated the mesh to look like stairs going up to where the thrones will be. But next will be to start modelling the environment adding some more distinct features. Plus I shall be modelling my own chairs because I thought it would be better to make my own as I some models from creative crash may be broken or seem unappealing.


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