Environment concept art (development)

After sketching out some rough design work for the junkyard environment, I decided to apply some colour to the design. Using a variety of layers I used a combination of different colours using my reference images that I found on pinterest as seen in the slideshow below.  My main research for this type of an environment is different junkyards, so the first thing I thought of animation wish was Pixar’s Wall.E where there are towering piles of metal cubes. These environment concepts inspired me to try out adding different shapes and sizes in my designs for the junk piles to help me develop the overall aesthetic of the scene.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below is a simple photoshop drawing where I have used a mainly different simple bold colours to help me show the scene and the different features clearly. So in this scene I have implemented the idea of having the character considerable smaller than the junk piles to give a scale to the scene. Plus I have tried adding different parts of scrap including a destroyed space ship. I did this because I thought about making the animation setting in the future so having scrap parts from ships and spare parts would help show that time period. This is a basic plan for the design where I now need to develop the sketch, by perhaps adding some different materials or shading to bring forth the idea of a old abandoned junkyard.


Using very simple colours I tried plotting out some more scrap ideas into the scene, things like plates of torn metal and steel pipes to help show it is a metal yard. But the issue I have with my design is I have not picked a particular colour scheme but instead picked random colours which seems to make the scrap metal overpower the scene. Therefore I need consider in further development picking a colour palette for the scene. Furthermore I have applied some additional shading to help bring some extra details into the scene, making some depth in the background to foreground.  In addition I considered using a different colour to the sky than the typical blue, so thinking about the time period I wanted to set the scene in, I considered using a orange sky. This provided me with the idea that perhaps the earth has become more of a wasteland and the smoke and pollution from the previous years has made the sky change in colour.


In photoshop I sketched out another environment design where there are huge pieces of scrap towering over the character as he looks around the junkyard.  Compared to the previous designs I have applied some telephone poles, which shows the idea of electricity that used to be available in the earlier years. Looking at this design I think the scrap metal seems to be too overwhelming in the scene, drawing your eye away from the character. Therefore I need to consider creating some changes in the composition to help point to the character.


Next stage if these designs will be to continue drawing out some ideas, applying some more consideration into composition to help make the character more aware to the scene. Plus I shall add some more details using colour to help plan my idea further.


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