Ideas factory: 3rd Script idea

3rd script idea (from past final project FMP)

  • Idea- In the distinct future, living on Earth is done, as the sun is going supernova
  • So before the sun goes supernova, a highly trained team control a space station, with a intelligent computer system at the helm, the team are awake to look after the rest of the planet which are in stasis
  • But after a unexpected meteor storm the station malfunctions and the computer system goes rogue planning to throw the station into a nearby black hole
  • The crew must find a way to stop the computer
  • First person goes outside to check the damage of the station and the computer locks the crew member outside in space
  • The crew use escape ship tricking the computer to steer the station into the black hole

Alternate idea #1

  • Or another idea have meteor storm affects the computer to become sentient, questioning it’s own existence and prioritises it’s own well being causing the station to crash into a nearby planet which is not sustainable for human life

Alternate idea #2

  • Or meteor shower could be depre from the Earth’s explosion causing highly radioactive material from the core, to crash into the station bringing the computer to conciousness.

Alternate idea #3

  • After meteor shower computer system merges with one of the meteors and because of the radioactive material the computer becomes a huge alien like computer monster that tries to kill all the people in stasis by throwing them out the station, the crew  must find a way to kill the monster before they all die (horror, sci fi)



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