Draft for Assignment 2 Contextual essay


Using my multiple sources from Sherlock and multiple internet sites, I was able to construct a basic draft on body image for Disney animations and how these body images have affected the target audience. In my research I found that both genders are affected by body image from watching Disney movies. For instance both girls and boys are affected in a mental and physic way as by watching Disney they are shown the socially accepted body image, therefore believing that they need to represent themselves in the same way. Within my draft I have gone through a number of topics related to how body image is represented to the target audience within Disney’s animations, from early animations in 1940 to films nowadays in 2016/17.

Next stage of this draft is to read through the text so far and add some more information related to this topic. However I have considered changing the title of the essay because I feel I may not be able to get 3000 words out of this one topic. So perhaps adding some additional related topics or perhaps applying this topic to things like gender representation or other ways that Disney characters apply a impact on the target audience.


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