Visual Storytelling Journal 27-03-17


Below is the animation I showed to Dan and Steve. This is my blocking stage of the animation for my bird flying in the air. So using the reference footage below i was able to get the basic flapping motion done.

Reference footage- from YouTube

The issue I saw as well was the flapping did not look very natural. maybe because it was only blocked out but I wasn’t sure. Therefore I asked for Dan and Steve’s feedback to see how the animation could be improved. Animation I showed them is below.

Steve’s feedback

  • Make changes to bird flight animation
  • Cut end of cloud and arc
  • Extend the arcs out like top image and at the beginning have more of the enlarging of character
  • Make slower but less
  • So extend frames out and make 4 arcs into 3 but bird wing movement better than before.

Dan’s feedback

  • Rather than change the curves make it 3 arcs but have the bird become larger when comes out toward camera on first arc.

Using this feedback I shall edit the animation by making 3 arcs like Steve and Dan suggested but I’m going to enlarge the bird as it gets closer to the camera to save me some time as I need to get going with the other scenes in the animation.


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