Improving beatboard

After looking through my original beat boards and getting feedback for them, I realised that I did not consider the different camera angles/ shots in the beat boards. The original beat boards had a lot of the same shots making the scenes a little boring to look at, especially if it was made into a animation. Furthermore I have added some different ideas into the scene since making the previous beat boards. For instance at the beginning I have added a opening scene for  the bird character as it flies over the junkyard to find the robot lying in the junk. So getting feedback I got some advice to introduce the bird earlier on, allowing me to open the scene to the audience, showing the scale of the scenery before introducing the character. Therefore I made a opening scene with the bird flying through the sky to the junkyard as it flies over the junkyard to then find a robot in the junk.

With camera angles rather than using the basic shots I used before such as; close up, long shot and mid shot. Therefore going through the different shots I used my research on camera angles (in a previous post) to make all the shots have more of a variety. So redrawing all the frames to match a different camera shot or angle, I decided to use some more interesting camera shots/ angles including; Dutch angle, extreme close up, establishing shot, cut in, zoom in and out, pan and extreme long shot. Using these different angles and shots has made the story more appealing because there is more variety of shots allowing the characters emotion and actions to be seen more clearly.

The issue I have encounter though when making these new beat boards is that I have taken a lot of time to make them rather than trying to make some of my animation. But I wanted to have some more detailed reference with camera shots and angles to help me block out when I start animating in Toon boom. Therefore next I need to finish editing my character designs and environments, as well as filming some reference footage for the animation allowing me to get a frame by frame reference to then block out using Toon boom.






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