The Leap Polish and Render

I have previously been splining the animation for the Leap, I have got the main action looking natural but I needed some feedback. Getting feedback from my group, they said that the animation was good and but needed some little touches to the movement just to make it flow more fluently, as the arms need to flow a little neater.

Therefore taking on board the comments from my team I added and edited the motion in the animation to match the improvements  suggested. Looking at the animation below I think the key movement is looking more natural than previously and seems suitable for the final render/ polish. However now I need to add some small movements such as; hands and eyes (blinking) to help make the character look more appealing and not constantly staring.

Below I have added the Environment model before I realised the issues with the textures. So below is the same animation but with the hand and blinking movement adjusted and polished. I have also resized the model according to the size and direction of the rig to help make the animation look more appealing.  However because I have no roof on the model I think I should change the camera angle on the shot so the roof is less obvious to the target audience.

Using the camera view I have adjusted the camera’s position as seen below, to show less of the roof and more of the floor. This has helped to give the animation a more appealing look, as you can clearly see all of the character and some appealing parts of the environment model, that provides a appeal to the shot. Once again I have changed the environment textures as seen in the previous post for the model, allowing me to get a more clear view for the final render, without the unnecessary reflection.

Below is the final rendered animation using the mental ray render. I have decided to use this render because it makes a sun and sky lighting which makes a more clean and more appealing animation, that helps to show a clear movement in the scene to the target audience. Looking at the animation I think some of the animation is not as refined as the rest. For instance the upper torso movement still is slightly out of place in some areas, although it is not completely noticeable, because I have worked on this I can notice it, but next time I should go through the animation and clean everything up before polish. Next time I think I should spend more time refining the key movement in the spline pass as it will help for when I polish the animation to refine the tiny issues rather than a key issue.

Another issue I found while watching the animation back is the camera seems to zoom out backwards quickly at the last few frames making it little unappealing. Therefore I need to go back and re render the animation after fixing the camera movement. I didn’t see this camera movement in the playblast, which means next time checking through the animation in the last playblast, which will help to see this issues in the animation.


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