Contextual studies: Ideology recap

Karl Marx

  • Anthropocene- refers to “our scene” or our era like era of the dinosaurs
  • Revolutions
  • Capitalism- e.g. trump get rid of environment laws

Foreign policy

  • “Hierarchies in Society”
  • U.S- 5%
  • 2002– 22%
  • 2017- 44%
  • Tax payments
  • Marx- class system
  • Carry on up the Khyber (1964)
  • Spy who loved me (1979)

British empire/ others

  • Dismantles after 1945
  • Colonisation
  • Trump (current context)
  • Businessman/ outsider/ sees media as against
  • Ignore the system
  • Unhappy social groups
  • Unhappy social groups that voted for Brexit
  • Older some younger
  • Resolve around: Gender, Class, Ethnicity, History
  • Terrorism- Hear more about it nowadays, people see it is publicised more
  • Media has power to influence and publishing terrorism attacks
  • Terrorism provoke inner conflict between community

Carry on up the Khyber

  • Ethnicity- stereotypes/ British/ India
  • Gender- Men in charge stereotypical women with high class, she talks not as elegant as Men
  • Diplomacy- “two faced”
  • Between British and Indian
  • British- we being protectionist empire state setup- wants to keep hold of what they have
  • East India company
  • Consequence of stolen underwear from trooper as was to represent invincible but now are not (under kilt)

Spy who loved me

  • Gender- British agent man
  • Russian- Agent XXX women
  • Both are said best agents
  • British and Russia submarine missing
  • Union Jack parachute Patriotic
  • Brexit- Fallen off the cliff
  • Bond franchise- No Narrative really just a reset of old previous bond, almost reboot of Bond with new actor
  • Add context to essay
  • Gender, Class, ethnicity and history

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