Environment concept art (Junkyard)

Looking through my sketchbook I have noticed I have not made some coloured environment designs that show the enormous vast junkyard. I have considered perhaps making the environment in Maya as suppose to drawing it out in Photoshop or Toon boom, but I think because I have never animated a full short animation using toon boom harmony I think I should at least give it a go. Therefore using photoshop I have been sketching out a number of different designs to help expand my ideas of the large junk piles. With feedback from Steve I got given some advice to have a look at some concept art from Pixar’s Wall E to help get a sense of scale that the junkyard piles could be. Looking at my art Steve suggested in the concept art perhaps having the piles of Junk tower over the character, so by making the character a small silhouette the piles of junk can seem larger.

I have also considered adding some different items into the junkyard piles to help make the environment more appealing to look at, rather than just piles that are coloured in. Thinking of some ideas I decided to add a ruined space ship in one of the piles in the foreground to help show the sense of scale and perhaps enlighten the audience with some backstory for the characters.



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