Superhero landing: Spline and polish

Previously I have splined the animation, making the leap and land as natural as possible. Below is the development and changes I have made to the animation forming a natural looking jump and leap. However looking at the animation I can see that I need to add some additions to the polish and change the camera view to make it more appealing and dramatic.

This playblast shows my production in the polish pass where I have added some eye and mouth movement to give the animation some more interesting features. Furthermore as you can see I have added the camera movement to the animation to help give the target audience some different views on the character as he leaps and lands.

Below I have refined the arm movement by using the rotate tool to fix the wavy arms when the character goes to land. Using the perspective view I have edited the curve in the leap towards the land to help me get a natural movement. Looking at the animation I can see that the movement is very interesting and fits the idea that I wanted to have.

Now I need to render the animation so using the camera and perspective view I added the mental ray sun and sky lighting. So using the outliner I moved and scaled the sun directional light to help position the sun’s shadows on the ground. Using the camera view I watched the playblast carefully learning from the leap animation to make sure that there was no unusual jumps in the camera.

Now I shall render the animation using mental ray to help make a more appealing entry for the competition. Looking at the animation through carefully I think that the animation looks very appealing, matching the idea I had originally. Finally I like how the animation came out, but the issue is I think I could of come up with a more interesting idea, as I have seem to go for the more typical approach to the superhero landing, so I could of made it more different that a typical superhero landing. Now I shall render the animation and put this render into after effects and add some yellow and red lightening to make a more interesting animation that matches the flash’s power.


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