Ideas Factory: 3 Ideas

Narrative ideas

  1.  Goblin steals kings gold and is exiled from Goblin kingdom, to a deep dark cave, making him go crazy (Animation)
  2. Young boy finds a mysterious intergalactic box and gains a unusual power, where his inner mind/ consciousness tries to take him over with a mechanical artificial body- When he turns it is a painful process.
  • Script 2- will be he is on the middle of a class, when he gets a huge pain and starts hearing people of the class laughing at him, until he starts to change and everyone runs out of the class. However friends stay behind to try and help, but the young boy tells them to leave before they get hurt.
  • Script 3- I am still deciding on a idea but I thought about using an idea from my ideas portfolio or a previous idea that I have developed further.


  1. A crazy gold obsessed Goblin is exiled from a mighty kingdom, after stealing the kings gold, only to have it stolen.
  2. Young boy finds a mysterious box, giving him the power to fight evil, but his inner self his attacked from the power of the box stopping him from achieving his goal.

Script 2 ideas

  • Boy is really lonely/ bullied and filled with determination to noticed by some people
  • Or he is a average school kid who has a small group of friends, with interests including science, planets and space.
  • Finds a alien box after it crashes down, forming a creator outside his house
  • The box give the boy a giant robotic suit.
  • But the robotic appearance is a distraction so the alien artificial intelligence can control the boy
  • Attempting to control the boy’s mind to use the robot for destructive purposes the AI makes changes in his attitude and makes the robotic suit meld with his flesh, turning the boy’s skin into metal.
  • Essentially other time the boy is becoming more and more robotic and less human

10 page script plot script 2

  • The boy is in a class, when he has a small panic attack and has a dramatic shock causing the class to look at him
  • Releasing his anger from the panic attack, (after hearing class laughing at him in his head) Because of his power, the boy sets off the fire alarm to everyone out of the class
  • But some of his friends stay behind to try and help him, but the boy tries to convince them to run out of the class
  • Until he gets a huge pain and the power he once used for good, somehow activates without his command, causing the boy’s skin to turn to metal and actually becoming the giant robot, rather than being in a suit
  • AI attempts to take control (main process boy fights AI to stop changing into the fearsome machine)

Idea 1- 10 page script plot

  • Goblin steals the kings gold after being sent to the treasure room
  • Trail of exiled Goblin is Judged by the King and other advisers and send the Goblin thief into the abandoned cave.
  • Is in the cave talking to himself (but feedback suggests to not do this as characters like Golem have done this before)

Things to do for each script

  • Premise
  • Target audience
  • Synopsis
  • Storyboards
  • 10 page scripts
  • Step synopsis
  • Minimum of 2 full pages of storyboards

Idea 1 feedback

  • Goblin after being exiled the king feels sorry for him as used to have similar obsession and lets him back into the kingdom
  • Title idea- A Fool’s gold
  • Have Main protaganist crazy but not talk to himself

Idea 2- feedback

  • Kid bullied by other people/ or kid is nervous about being around people/ or average kid interested in space with a small group of friends
  • Finds it hard to express emotion (has nightmares)

Idea 3

  • Another new idea
  • Or based on old idea from previous projects
  • Or one of my ideas portfolio ideas
  • Expand any of these ideas into a script



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