Splining the Superhero landing

Previously I have blocked out the animation, applying the key poses to the animation. I am now starting the spline pass for the superhero landing, where I have changed the graph in the graph editor by changing the stepped graph to a spline graph. Looking at the animation below I have edited the animation to spline to see how the blocking has helped to get a natural looking movement. But now I need to go through the animation and edit the key poses using the graph editor.

Below is a zoomed in playblast to get a look on the beginning of the animation to see how the main throw action looks. The issue I have seen in the swing is there is no anticipation in the throw. Acting out the throw multiple times in real life, I realised the character needs to swing the opposite way before throwing in the opposing direction. However I think I need to continue working on the throw as the base in the swing seems to go out of place, moving out of the hands of the character so I need to change that.

Looking at the animation I have seen a major issue as noticed below which is the base that is thrown by the flash does not move naturally it seems to jump around, in and out of the character’s hands. Therefore using the graph editor my aim is to go through and apply some more inbetween frames to help get the natural swing motion.

As seen in the playblast below I have tried to have the action really quick like the flash to show the character’s super speed, but because of focusing on this I have lost the key motion and it looks unnatural. Now I going through each of the frames and using the reference footage will allow me to re position the key elements in the motion. Furthermore I will need to develop the anticipation of the kneel down to help give that leap some more energy.

I have implemented the changes that I have discussed I have added those anticipations in the kneel and jumps to help express the leaps in the animation to make a more appealing animation. However further development of the main actions needs to be addressed as some of the moments seem to be a little off in terms of timing. So perhaps moving the key frames will help to change that.

Therefore the next step is to continue with the spline pass and then polish the animation, my aim is to make sure the polish is completed before early Thursday to give me enough time to render the animation.


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