Superhero landing Blocking

Today the bomb project was announced and it’s “Superhero landing” Deadpool  this task is to animate a 5 second or less animation for a superhero landing and complete the animation bu the deadline Friday 24th March 2017 I came up with a few ideas before hand but I decided to go with the flash as I thought it could challenge my sense of timing and key movements. So the main animation idea is going to be the flash throwing a base and then jumping on it landing with a superhero landing as seen in the reference footage from deadpool. I thought about after making the animation adding some effects in after effects to make a flash like lightening which can help to form the speed and superhero landing. Below is the first playblast for the blocking stage of the animation where I have thought about the key poses for the animation.

Below is another playblast with a bit of difference, as you can see there is an additional character in the animation. Because the Flash throws a base to jump on I thought about throwing that base into a robot, to make it almost like a fight sequence as well as a superhero landing. So using the Cyborg rig from Creative crash which is where the flash rig came from too I decided to plan out some ideas for the robot.

I decided to continue with the idea of having the robot in the scene so I decided to plot out the key poses for the robot character. But the issue I have with the robot in the scene is that the robot runs towards the flash from behind after dodging the base from hitting it in the eye. However moving the robot around I think that perhaps I should focus more on the superhero landing before adding any additions.

Here I have continued with the robot to have some quick reactions to the flash to show a robot that is the match for the flash’s speed. To get some sort of timing I quickly acted out the robot movement and plotted the key poses. However I thought about it carefully and due to the time I have for the project I decided to stick with the flash movement. Therefore next stage is to remove the robot from the scene and add it back if I have time.

As you can see below I have removed the robot and continued my concentration on the Flash’s superhero landing as that is the whole purpose of the project. As you can see I have added some inbetweens into the scene to help plot out the arc for the jump and land. The issue I have with the landing though is the timing seems to be a little off as the character floats in the air before landing. I thought about possibly making a slow motion action but I think it might be better to edit later.

In this playblast I have edited some of the movement at the beginning to help get the anticipation for the throw and leap before landing. Looking at this animation I will need to edit the project further by adding some more inbetweens and possibly looking at the animation in the spline view as a quick view to see how it looks.

Below I have made a quick playblast for the spline mode to help see where the issues lie with the animation. Looking at this though I can see I defiantly need to edit the land timing and add some more inbetween frames to help build the animation up adding that natural arc in the leap and land.

Looking at this playblast I have edited the start of the animation, as I’m trying to build the anticipation in the jump before the main leap to help show the build up in the power the flash will have, showing the impact of the height the flash will have before landing on the base.

This playblast shows my development by editing the base in the hands of the flash before throwing it, trying to get those natural arcs in the swing and throw, helping to make the animation look natural and appealing to the eye.

Looking at the animation I realised that the jump had some unnatural timing, so I have tried to make the character fall quicker than the jump up as it seems to be the opposite way around, which is not natural. Therefore my next idea is to develop the animation to get a better sense of timing.

Getting feedback from Luke, he told me that the timing needs to be 12 frames for the leap up and the land. So as soon as the character jumps up from the base the flash needs to land on the ground within the 12 frames making that quick land. Looking at the animation I can see thanks to the feedback that the animation looks a lot more natural and visually appealing, which will help me to go onto the spline.

The next stage of this project is to start splining tomorrow, allowing me to get on track with the animation to meet the deadline.


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