Contextual studies: “Triplets Bellevielle Rendervouz”

  • Gestures and actions explain visuals


  • Understood, remove barrier when remove dialogue

Visual design

  • Buildings-;
  • Very tall
  • intimidating
  • over exaggerated
  • New York, Dubai, China, Japan (nowadays tall buildings)
  • WW2 before hand, America benefitted, profitting from cotton and materials)
  • Economics America was in a powerful position
  • France, Art and design from cinema and photography
  • America took it all
  • Triplets are the american dream
  • Art deco from France
  • Environments in America taken from France


  • Driver of the car/ van interesting in smoking
  • Little old lady- weak as hero one leg shorter
  • Hero needs a weakness to make objective more dramatic/ challenging
  • Old lady pedals the ocean
  • Exaggerating situation
  • Protagonist talking to grandmother
  • But at the end cyclist is moping, isolated depending on grandmother
  • Then we all die alone
  • Message don’t depend on everything, don’t follow one path, explore other ideas

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