Genre study: Musicals

Audience activity

  • Soundtrack
  • Separated into 3 main areas
  1. Musical soundtrack
  2. Diegetic sound- characters can hear
  3. Non- Diegetic sound- audience can hear
  • 1927 musical started
  • Sound introduced in 1927
  • Define a musical- music is the narrative
  • Still have musicals today
  • Disney- Musical genre
  • Some off musicals- La la land

Busby Berkeley and Warner

  • Almost orginal musical
  • 1930’s
  • Extravagant routines believed the serious messages that other films couldn’t get past the hays code
  • Great depression going on
  • 1929 wall street crash
  • Musical more clear/ cheaper to watch in cinema than theatre
  • Wizards of Oz 1939
  • MGM
  • Change the role in women as Dorothy in Wizards of Oz is vulnerable
  • Sub genre- backstage musical
  • The band wagon/ singing in the rain

The folk musical

  • Aimed to get america to pull together
  • Achors Aweigh
  • Includes Jerry mouse- MGM
  • Against Disney with their musicals (feature films)
  • Late 50’s
  • Rock and roll era
  • So ritz roll and rock (still stockings)
  • MGM’s thing for Rock and roll
  • Post- Classical musicals
  • 1960’s sound of music

Animation and Nostalgia

  • School of rock
  • Animation- Frozen
  • Synergy
  • Soundtrack/ gaming industry
  • Originally and licenced music

Essay ideas

  • Gender representation-Disney
  • How Disney animation has changed over time
  • Disney and Pixar
  • Relationship between Disney and Pixar
  • How Disney animation has influenced other animations



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