Splining my Javelin throw animation

After looking through Joe’s blocking for my Javelin throw animation, I decided to go through frame by frame and make sure that the body mechanics looked natural, with no floating feet or arms going through the torso. Looking at this animation I can see that perhaps I should edit the arm movement with the Javelin in it, perhaps making the arm straight whilst holding the javelin, allowing me to get a more natural throw, rather than having the arm bent the whole animation before the javelin is thrown. Although we are in a team of three Edgar has been absent for the past 2 lessons, so I decided for me and Joe to block out each others and do the splining and then polish ourselves otherwise we are going to be left behind in terms of doing the next group project. But looking at the animation so far it seems to be suitable to start splining as the legs move naturally when the character runs.

As you can see below I have started splining the animation, trying to get those natural curves in the graph editor. However some of the feet movement seems to bounce on the floor rather than stay on the floor for a few frames. Therefore I need to go through and get that feet movement with the feet on the ground for a few more frames, to show more of a step as suppose to a bounce. Furthermore I think I should move the other arm (without the Javelin) around so that I get that swing movement when running to help emphasise that the character is running. Plus when the character throws the Javelin I should straighten the arm (without javelin) to show the direction in which the character will throw the javelin.

The playblast below show some further development with the spline pass for the animation. As you can see I have edited the feet to be on the ground for a few more frames to help show that natural step movement when the character runs. However the javelin seems to jump around in when running so perhaps I should go back into the blocking or stepped mode in he graph editor and make sure the Javelin is in the hand at all times and moves nicely with the movement of the Eleven rig.

Here I have started editing the javelin to move back more when the character goes to throw it, showing a more exaggerated lean back before the throw, adding some additional anticipation. But I still feel like the javelin jumps around a lot which makes it look unnatural and a bit distracting. So this will need to be edited further in the graph editor. But on a goof note the feet and legs seem to be moving quite naturally with some natural looking steps in the run. The other arm also seems to be swinging nicely with the run, providing a natural looking movement for the character. Towards the end I have used the stepped graph to help make the unbalance step look a little more exaggerated, helping to show the character is about to fall over, compared to before when the character seemed to just look like he had only thrown it.

Finally below is the most recent spline pass playblast where I have added some eye movement and blinking. I know this should be done in the polish part of animating but I think that by doing it in the spline pass it has allowed me to see more clearly where it has been added. Using some research online using this website https://www.bloopanimation.com/blinking-animation/ I was able to get a idea on the amount frames needed for a blink. I went for the fast blink making 2 frames to close and 3 frames to open again. This has been done every second to show the character more tense. But looking at the rest of the animation I can see it is starting to look a lot better than before, in the spline pass, allowing me to now go through the graph editor and spline the key movement. I have already started in splining the legs and feet, along with the hips to get some natural movements in the run and throw.

Now the next step will be to continue splining and then polish the animation to have some clear and appealing natural movements for this body mechanics animation.


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