Joe’s Blocking for my Javelin throw

This is Joe’s blocking for my Javelin throw animation, so when I was blocking out Joe’s cross country animation, he was blocking mine out. As we are in a group, we swapped animations to help block out each others animations, allowing us to get different ideas and animation skills into each others animation. Looking at the animation below you can see Joe has done quite a good job at blocking out the animation, as the leg movement and hip movement look pretty natural. My only criticism is that some of the rig overlaps/ goes through the other body parts or the feet are floating in some places which I’ll go through and fix.

The next playblast below is slightly different because the camera movement in the file was really jumpy and didn’t make the animation clear to watch. So unlike the video above that is in perspective view, I went through and added a new camera and made sure that the camera would flow nicely through the animation allowing you to see all the key points in the animation. The next step will be to go through and use the graph editor to spline pass the animation, allowing me to make the animation look a little more natural, with flowing movement, rather than pose to pose.

Now I shall make sure that all the blocking is edited before I go through and spline, as if I make everything look natural in the blocking it will make it easier to spline in the graph editor as most of the frames will be in a suitable place, I’ll just have to move some of the frames around in the graph editor to get those natural arcs for the natural movement of the character, matching the reference footage.


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