Editing the model and Edgar’s colour and texture add ons

So to start with I needed to edit some of the model, as you can see below I have a final image for the model, where I have the scene setup and ready to have some colour and textures applied to it by Edgar. Looking at this model I think that the model is simple and will allow me to edit easily if it needs to be re scaled to fit the proportion of the Mery rig. However next time I should use a cube polygon primitive rather than a plane because it would have made the development of the windows a lot easier and more productive when I made it. However the model seems to have a turned out the way I imagined it making it suit the needs for the animation.


However without noticing until later on I found this issue as seen below. Basically when I made the window frames I realised that I had not extruded the faces properly, making it look like this. So rather than remaking the frame from scratch I was able to fix the issue using the multi cut tool. So by going in vertex mode I used the multi cut tool to fix the broken edges. By selecting the appropriate vertexes on either side of the window, I was able to make some new edges by attaching the vertexes using the multi cut tool.


Edgar’s colour

Below is Edgar’s colour add-ons to the model, the reason for the strange shadows on the window frames is because of the issue above, that is how I noticed the issue in the first place, after Edgar gave it back to me. The material Edgar used was a Lambert for the floor and Phong texture for the walls. Getting feedback from our Group Edgar’s colour seemed appealing visually. He later added a floor texture by attaching a image to the Lambert as seen in the 2nd screenshot.


When I got the model back and applied it to the animation I realised a major issue with the wall texture. When I went into the mental ray render view I found the issue was the Phong texture was too reflective making the lights really bright on the textures, plus making some mirror images on the walls. Therefore I tried changing the reflective on the texture but it still had the same affect. Although I liked the textures Edgar applied I had to go back to the file and change the texture because of the lighting. Therefore I changed the texture to a Lambert texture to make the natural lighting in mental ray look more natural on the walls when it casts the shadows.


The next step to the model is to apply it to the animation once I have polished the animation to allow me to get the natural lighting into the scene that was requested by Hannah. So now I will need to make sure the animation is polished before applying the model. Furthermore I shall resize the model to make sure it is suitable for the Mery rig in terms of scale and look natural when mental ray is applied in rendering the animation.


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