Script portfolio features and final part to producer script

Script portfolio

  • 3x 10 page scripts
  • 3x loglines
  • Imdb for good reference for target audience

Detective script final part

  • Model accidentally gets detective killed in a gruesome way


The additions to the script I have made previously is that I have added the features that the producer asked for as seen above. So I have to admit it is a random ending, with some slight comedy and gruesome features. Anyway so the detective looks around to the front of the plane at the captains cabin. The detective looks around the cabin after smashing the door in with a huge blow to the door. The detective leads the model at the back of the plane to calm down from her shock.

The detective checks the cabin to see all the controls are working, the plane still has engines running which means the plane is still  in flight, even though the clouds are not moving. Anyway the detective confused suddenly hears a loud thunder of footsteps going towards him. He peers out of the cabin to see the model running at him with a fast pace. Until suddenly she slips over on a sweet wrapper on the floor. Her spare phone which is a Nokia brick flies at the detective’s head. Luckily he dodges the phone but it hits the window. The window starts to crack more and more, the detective says to the model what the hell you could have killed… until the window shatters and pulls the detective out of the window. He is flown out back trying to hold onto the plane. The model sees the detective flies past the passenger windows, and then he is thrown into the engine fan causing him to gruesomely die and cause it to explode.


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