Blocking and adding Inbetweens to The Leap

Hannah has blocked out the leap animation with Mery rig and some reference footage for a ballet leap, I am in the process of doing my part of adding inbetweens and later splining to this animation. Below is the blocking pass from Hannah where she has blocked out all the key poses for the animation. As you can see some of the feet pass through the other leg or float above the ground so I shall go through and fix those small issues, but I shall make the Inbetweens from the key poses to help get some more action before going onto splining.

Below is my first playblast where I have added in some inbetween frames into the blocking animation to help develop the action between the key poses, to help make some more natural movements as seen in the reference footage. I have fixed any issues with the knees, feet and overlaps in the body making sure the character looks natural and not have floating legs or broken body parts. Next I shall develop any other parts of the blocking before going on to the spline pass.

Below I have gone through and made some additional tweaks to the blocking just to make sure everything looks fine before going onto the spline pass, allowing me to simple edit the animation with curves in the graph editor rather than moving around the frames in the timeline.

I have finally got the blocking/ inbetweens adjusted allowing me to move on next to the spline pass where I shall use the graph editor to get those natural arcs into the movement  of the hips, torso, legs, feet, hands, arms and head. I shall use this blocking pass as a guide when splining as it will have all the basic key poses that can flow through nicely when I spline it.

I have had some issues with the knees bending in the wrong place and different body parts being slightly out of place, but Hannah did a good job in the blocking pass making it easy for me to go through and edit some small changes and later spline the animation. I shall get some peer feedback from my team before moving on just to see there views on the parts I have edited.


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