Toon Boom- Clean up tricks


  • Photoshop- bitmap, construction of pixels
  • Depth of pixels, resolution quality


  • Made up of a mathematical algorithm, code which manipulates the vector
  • Mischief uses vectors
  • Recalculates display of a line


  • Brush use for colour
  • Pencil for drawing
  • Auto gap- fills gap between two lines close together
  • Flatten (auto)- Two lines become same object
  • Two tools, cutter tool and Contour editor
  • Can move line work into colour layer
  • Use create line art into colour art tool
  • Then in the colour layer (C) the lines should be blue then you can use paint bucket tool to add colour
  • Cutter tool- Cuts lines out (under black arrow drop down)
  • Contour editor- (under white arrow drop down) changes line points
  • Stroke tool- (Under paint bucket drop down) Draw new lines for new colours, but not shown as lines
  • Not lines- strokes so no need to be neat
  • Colours are unique new colour for new tab, duplicate colour and adjust to use colour
  • Otherwise if change colour you have already used it will change everything else with that colour.


Here I have used the notes above to make a very basic cat drawing with neat vector lines that have been cleaned using the tools I have learned today. Furthermore I have used the various ideas for colour and line art to make the drawing more appealing with those neat lines.


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