Splining the Body mechanics animation (New)

I have edited the animation for the body mechanics drunken character where I have used the graph editor to edit the previous animation tests in the play blasts to help make the animation look more appealing. I have used the graph editor to change the basic curved graph into a natural arc shape in the graph to make the body move naturally like the reference footage. Below are the play blasts for the animation where I have got to the final animation from using the graph editor.

Below is a playblast showing the basic animation where I have stated editing the hips and legs movement to get those natural looking movements in the character to help me start the movement. However as you can see some of the leg movement is still a bit patchy and moves a bit slower than the natural so I shall need to edit that in the graph editor. But I shall continue to move the body around but this is the basic spline with some small changes to the graph.

Below I have edited the graph a little more to make the animation look more natural by playing around with the graph, by moving the tangents and creating some more curves in the graph to make each of the body parts move naturally.

Here I have edited some more of the knee and elbow controls, making them move around in a flowing way which will move with the legs and arms to help make sure the mesh doesn’t break when I bend each of the components in the animation.

Below is the playblast showing I have edited the plateau arcs fully to make the animation flow naturally like the reference footage and not slow down in some places. But this is one of the final playblast where I have made sure that the animation moves naturally and so that the rig doesn’t break or pass through anything else in the rig.

Here I have changed the animation in the graph editor, so that the tangents are now spline. This has allowed me to fix the animation to move with all arcs and not have some unappealing arcs that do not flow properly. Anyway I have splined the animation fully to move with some natural movements like in the reference. But I have changed the spline tangents when I changed it as, I have made some straight lines in the graph for things like the feet as I don’t want them sliding around the ground, as that would be unnatural.

Now I have made the final playblast for this animation and now I just need to render the final animation.


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