Producer notes- editing scripts

Producer notes

  • Detective wakes up on a empty plane
  • A model male or female is there too
  • Plane mid flight only 2 on the plane

My notes

  • Detective dreaming/ nightmare of his wife who is cut and bruised lying on the chair opposite him, as the plane goes down but hears heartbeat
  • Plane turbulence wakes him up and looks opposite to see no one is there
  • Tries to get up but seat belt is on preventing him to get up
  • When he gets up he sees the plane empty, but looks out the window to see the clouds are not moving, like frozen
  • sees his daughter sitting opposite his chair with her asleep, rushes over to wake her
  • She’s denying so she goes back to sleep
  • OR
  • Model hidden in the plane curled  in seat terrified (using this one)

Producer changes to make more interesting

  • First page, model and detective finds a dead body
  • Next change
  • Plane goes through a portal
  • The dead body disappears and up to you how reappears


Using the notes above I made a script based on the details the producer asked for. So my story so far is the detective is asleep in a seat on the plane in first class, when he has a nightmare of his wife sitting in the chair opposite him, with cuts and bruises. So the detective wakes up from the turbulence from the plane. Looking around he notices there are no other passengers on the plane, when last time he was awake there was. Confused he looks out the window to see the clouds are frozen/ not moving. Worried the detective looks around the plane shouting out to see if anyone else is alive.

He soon hears a scream coming from the back of the plane. He runs to the back of the plane to see someone sitting in one of the seats. Trying to get a reply from the unknown person, the detective cautiously walks over to find it is in fact a dead body. But this body has cuts and bruises on it which makes the Detective have a flashback of his deceased wife. Suddenly a women (the model) puts her hand on his shoulder to wake him up. The women then sees the dead body and flies back terrified by the sight. The detective comforts her and then tries to investigate the dead body.

Whilst attempting to investigate the plane shakes violently like turbulence, making the screens static and the oxygen masks fly out from their compartments. The detective losing balance is pushed onto the dead body. Mortified he quickly gets up spitting and shaking his head, until he sees the body has disappeared but is unsure where it has gone.


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