Another attempt at the Body mechanics acting animation.

So I have decided to completely redo this animation because the animation got screwed up with too many frames in the scene making it harder to edit and fix so I have made it easier on myself to just remake the animation. Basically when I animated the previous version of this animation the key frames had no timing, as when I changed the key frames in the graph editor they made another key frame. Plus some of the movement looked very unnatural, jumping in some cases from pose to pose. Trying to fix all the problems I had I realised that it would be hard to got through and fix all the movement, so I decided to remake it.

Below is the first playblast for the new animation where I have started to block out the basic movement for the character, using the reference footage behind. This time I used both the camera view and perspective view to move the different body parts around in a natural way. Furthermore I decided rather than animating the separate parts at a time, I decided to move each part in the same frame. By moving all the parts every in every key pose, allowing me to get a better timing for the key poses.

Below is another playblast for the blocking of the animation where I have edited the body mechanics so that in the blocking it looks like a animation, from pose to pose making it easier for me when I come to splining the animation to make the arcs rather than moving all the frames around in the graph editor. Basically this is the inbetween stage where I have gone through and made sure the feet are touching the ground and the body movement looks natural, not going through any of the other body parts/ mesh.

Below  I have started the spline for this animation, as by using the previous blocking version of the animation I have changed all the stepped keys in the graph editor into curves allowing me to use the key frames as a nice flowing animation, providing me with a base to animate. So the plan is to use this spline to edit the animation using the graph editor to make the curves more natural, providing some more natural timing for the animation.

Below I have animated the graph editor, by using the various controls to move the key poses into so that the arms or legs do not go through each other, or break the mesh allowing me to have some natural looking movement for the animation. I have made sure that all the actions in the feet are on the floor or have at least one foot on the floor when the character turns. I have made sure that the hips move up and down naturally to make sure that the character has those natural movements from one position to another.

Going through this version of the animation, I can see that the progress is going so much better than the original, as the character is moving naturally from pose to pose. But I shall need to go through and edit the animation so that the hips do not have the straight lines, because at this stage their still are some straight lines in the graph editor making it hard to get those natural arcs in the graph. Next I shall edit the tangents further so that I continue to get those natural movements in the character.


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