Toon Boom Pathways notes

  • Layers are assets
  • All layers/ drawings MUST have pegs 
  • No purple all must be Yellow when selected
  • Default menu
  • Change pivot point using tools above on the left look like circle with 4 arrows around and a circle with spiral around
  • Frame 1, 48 copy and paste
  • Another frame same flour sack shape but different action
  • Side view frame 22
  • Go to peg carries all the way through bad
  • Change default position of drawings (top of arc)
  • Auto Keyframes
  • Rotate flour sack to lay flat
  • Click inbetween frames and delete keyframes (arrow)
  • Adjust so before
  • Apex, copy frame to foward
  • 6-7 frames so 2 Identical frames
  • 2nd slightly angled
  • Press f5 to expose the frames
  • View>Show>Control for pathway
  • Shows pathway or arc
  • Hover mouse other arc and press P to manipulate (pink marker)
  • Add roughly where arc is
  • Click frame before keyframe and press f5
  • Good to combine hand drawn animation with this

Above I have animated a basic jump animation using the transform tool to move the pathways around, along with moving the peg to move the drawing around the stage.


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