Representation in Games

Notes from lesson

Walking dead tell tale game

  • Police car
  • Character in the back of the car- Felan, Black African American, Macon
  • Police officer- Cowcainia, Southern America, Hillbillies, Racism, Wanted to keep Slavery

Classical Stereotyping

  • Police officer believes Lee (felan) is innocent
  • Challenging relationship between characters
  • Lee is kind, did not want to kill the cop
  • Saves/ helps Clemintine
  • Doesn’t want to tell Clemintine about her parents, conceals the truth
  • Cautious
  • Made Lee injured, building suspense when Zombie attacked him
  • Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover
  • Cover- Hollywood
  • Interactions between Lee and Clemintine acts like a dad or possibly a guardian but letting Clemintine make the decisions
  • Other characters like comedy aspect, with ridiculous statements

Life is Strange game

  • Student in high school
  • Distinct personalities between characters
  • Outside- not represented girl like “Mean girls” film
  • Not sexualised
  • Wears hoodie
  • Max is not over exaggerated
  • Focus on character as a person
  • Teenage audience relate as shy
  • Not Average teenager
  • Bullying, paper thrown at someone
  • Engaging characters stereotypical features
  • Victoria is sexualised compared to Maxine
  • Confident character (Victoria) bully
  • Trying to look traditional
  • Knows everything, try to be better than anyone
  • She is a “Kiss ass” to the teacher



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