The Leap: Planning and research for the Environment Model

Hannah who is directing the Leap production, asked me to make a model for the environment as she thinking of a Ballerina doing a leap in a dance studio. Because of this concept I thought about looking into dance studios and the various features inside. For instance I could see bars for ballerinas, wooden floors, mirrors, and large windows. Looking on the internet for reference I found these images to help me figure out the sorts of features and room space for the dance studio. My ideas from looking at these images was to have a small 3 walled room with a wall free for the camera. Then on the back wall having two or three large windows to let some natural light in as requested by Hannah.

Looking at these multiple images I have been able to figure out and plan mentally some different ideas for the making the model and where things should go in  the model. So my next step is to grab my sketchbook and plan out/ sketch some different ideas for the look of the model.


After looking at the reference footage above I was able to plan out some different sketches. So the first image below is a image showing the main stage area of the scene with; a wooden floor, three large windows on the back wall, a mirror on the left wall and a bar on the right wall. Furthermore the crossed box in front on the stage is a camera showing where the position of the camera will be. I was thinking about having three directional lights that go through each of the windows to help form some natural light without lots of shadows inside.


The image below shows some more planning for the shot of the dance studio, where I have been planning some different ideas for the bars and camera positions, trying to figure out the multiple ideas which could be implemented into the final ideas. The bars on the wall have been changed for having some bars attached to the wall or have it in front of the wall. Looking at the references as a guide I have tried to keep the main features in the dance studio, in the designs to help make a appealing design.


Looking at these ideas I think that I have got a general idea of what I want to make in the model. My next plan for this model is to use these sketches as reference and go into Maya and use the modelling tools to make the model. My aim is to try and make a simple design that is suitable for the idea that Hannah made, and that will be appealing visually not distracting the target audience from the main actions.


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