Robyn’s Ballerina character designs

Hannah chose Robyn to make the character designs for the Ballerina for the Leap animation. As we are making the animation in Maya, using the Mery rig we still need character designs, but not overly detailed ideas as the Mery rig is pre-made. These designs from Robyn have been helpful as they have allowed me to see how some of the potential poses that could be used in the animation. At this stage I am going to make the model for the environment and Hannah is making the blocking for the animation in Maya.

Robyn drawing 1

Robyn drawing 2

These designs from Robyn have shown the potential design for the character in the leap animation. But getting feedback from Hannah will allow us as a group to move on from this and develop the next stages of the project. As a group we now need to make the environment model (which is my job, so next for me to do) and start blocking out the animation (Hannah’s role). Once I have made the model I shall pass it on to Edgar to apply some colour.


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