Splining the Body mechanics animation

These various playblast below show my recent progress on splining the animation for the complete body mechanics animation using a full rig, e.g. Stewart. However throughout this process I have had to redo a lot of my previous work because looking in the camera view and perspective view the character moves in different directions and the controls do not move in the places I wanted them to. Furthermore I have only managed to completely spline the hips, legs, head, neck and chest, whilst the arms are still being splined. The issue is though that looking at the movement of the hips, the character moves from one place to another rather than smoothly transition from one place to another so I need to go back through and change it.

The video above shows my continuous progress on the blocking for this animation, but as you can see the hips and general movement is very static in some places and jitters in certain frames, going back and forth in the movement. However this is to show my progress which will be edited further. The video below shows a slight improvement on the previous playblast where I have edited the legs and hips to move with a more natural movement but I am still having issues with the jittering in the animation so perhaps it may be easier to fix in splining.

Below is the first playblast for the spline where I have made a playblast just to look over the overall movement from the stepped animation. As you can see it has improved since the stepped animation but the chest seems to turn unnaturally and the hips still seems to move with no natural movement. So I will now use the graph editor to spline the character and get some more natural arcs in the animation to move more naturally.

Below I have splined the hips using the graph editor to add some more natural movements/ arcs in the translate X,Y and Z and the rotate X,Y and Z. I will next use the graph editor to improve the leg movement to have some more natural steps removing some of the sliding in the feet on the ground.

I have edited the feet/ legs using the graph editor, adjusting the arcs to have a combination of straight diagonal lines and natural curves to help improve the timing of the animation. With the steps I have managed to adjust the legs to move with the natural arcs, but some of the key poses seem out of place or out of line with the main body, so perhaps I should use a combination of the camera view and perspective view to pose the legs so they do not move out of place or stretch to far.

Below I have the last playblast where I have edited the legs, hips, head, arms and hands to move with those arc shapes. Unfortunately the animation seems to jump in some places rather than naturally moving from one key pose to another, so some more work in the graph editor may be required to fix the issues that I have found with this animation. I think the main issue I have is that the timing with the animation and refernce footage do not match or look similar so I shall improve the animation by going back into the stepped mode. But there are way too many key frames when I have moved the frames in the graph editor so I shall need to remove some of them.


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