Setting up our 3D group project

Our Group project with me, Edgar and Joe S is to animate a series of different movements/ actions to help produce body mechanic animations. So our different animations will be me: Javelin throw, Edgar: Long  Jump and Joe S: Cross country run. Each of these will be made as a group, so for example I have setup the scene (Previs block) and storyboarded and got reference footage for my animation. Then this week I will give it to Joe to do the blocking. Then the following week Edgar will do the inbetweening and then he will give it back to me to Spline. This will be the same with all of us swapping our animations around the group to do different parts of it.

Below are my storyboards for my animation. I have hand drawn the storyboards in my sketchbook using the reference footage that I imported into Maya to get the key frames up. So basically I have imported the reference footage onto a image plane in Maya which allowed me to get the frame numbers to plan out the key positions as seen below. I have added a blue pencil for the lines/ arrows to show the movement of the character and camera.


Below is a screenshot of the scene I have Previs blocked, Previs blocking is the entire environment, character is all ready to set up and ready to animate. This screenshot shows the beginning of the previs blocking where I have simply moved the rig into the key positions so that the next person can do the blocking for the main movements of the character, and edit the position of the predone character movement and camera.


Below is the reference footage I collected from YouTube: which I have edited in premiere pro to be 117 frames long with the main action in the scene and on the image plane as seen above. I have used this reference footage to plan out the storyboards and the previs movement for Javelin throw animation. I will use this to make the previs blocking, by having this reference in the background on a image plane so when in camera view I can clearly see the reference behind it.

Below is the previs blocking playblast for the animation where I have used the Eleven rig to make a animation based on the reference footage to help improve my understanding of body mechanics in characters. I have adjusted the rig to move along without moving any of the key body parts, this is because I will give it to Edgar or Joe to block the key poses using the reference footage and storyboards. I have tried to move the camera in a similar way to the reference footage to make it easier for the person blocking out the animation to work in camera view with the basic camera movements.

Below is a improved version of the previs blocking, this is because the camera movement was not very suitable for referencing the video because it was unclear to see the video reference. However I fixed the camera movement to show the reference footage clearly throughout the animation to help the next person to block out the animation easily.


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