The Fight Peer feedback

Today we showed the class our animation for the fight to get some views from other people, with comments on how to change the animation, so what was good and bad.

  • No timing move around frames
  • Reduce line work/ detail
  • But good concept/ idea
  • Only realised a hog/ boar in the animation until late
  • Establish characters earlier

These are the things we got back so we need to go back when we have time and apply these changes to the animation to make it better. In addition to this animation I have finished the environment model, which I will show to the group to get some opinions and make necessary changes to the model.

This is the feedback I got from my team with the environment model.

  • Make the model slightly smaller when I come to the final animation so fits the animation that Hannah is blocking
  • But overall looks good in terms of design.
  • Make the bar slightly lower, so in line with the hips or lower leg.

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