Spline start in my performance animation

Like the previous post for this animation I have made some play blasts to help show my progress through the production of this performance based animation. Using the graph editor I have started to edit the animation to have those natural curves/ arcs in the animation plus making the animation flow compared to pose to pose. I started by editing the previous version of the animation as when I tried it the first time to change the stepped into a plateau graph the animation went all over the place, causing the character to slide around everywhere. But with help from Luke I was able to find a solution to this by going into the graph editor>Curves> Euler filter I was able to fix the graph so that none of the parts spin around in a strange way, instead they all move naturally.

However after getting feedback from Luke I realised I had done something that may have caused the issues. I found out from  my feedback that you cannot use the Rotate X,Y and Z along with the other foot controls like toe twist, etc. So I had to go through the animation and change all the frames so I use only the rotate X,Y and Z plus one foot control which is the foot roll. Now I have remove all the foot control animations which will move everything out of place meaning I will start the blocking again to get a better animation. The reason the two cannot go together is when I animated the rotate X,Y and Z, and the foot controls, the foot controls contradicted the rotate, meaning they were going against each other rather than together, making the unnatural leg turns and movements.

So below I have edited all the components for the animation using blocking (stepped graph) to move the poses to have those natural movements. But anyway I have started to change the stepped animation into a plateau animation allowing me to get the natural flowing movement rather than pose to pose. But as you can see some of the movement still looks out of place compared to the reference footage, so next stage is to go through the graph with one part at a time including all the translate x,y and z, plus the rotate X,Y and Z to make the poses look more natural and flow in the natural arc shapes, especially when stepping around.

Below is where I am up so far where I have edited the hips and the left leg in the graph editor to make those natural arc shapes in the graph. I have tried to edit the graph so that the hips move up and down naturally with the smooth arcs moving with steady pace and quick paces to make the arcs in the graph. I have also edited the leg to move a bit more naturally by moving around the different translate and rotate features to make the animation look like it’s suppose to without having random jumps between frames or unnatural movements.

I think there is still a long way to go with this animation, but I shall continue to go through the animation and edit the plateau and then the spline pass to make this animation follow natural body mechanics.


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