Rigging my model character Part 4

Here I have followed part 4 of this tutorial series to make the hip controls and change some parts in the channel box. I have used part 4 https://youtu.be/pVd8JmYQ420.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To start I finished adding the orient constrain to the arm control to help me rotate the wrist and hand. Next was to make the hip control which is done in the exact same way as the hand and foot control, where you start with a simple circular curve from the curves and surfaces tab/ menu. Then by pressing f9 (after it’s in the place you want it) move the vertexes around to make a rounded shape that fits nicely around the hips with a decent amount of space around the model so they are not touching. Now the part of adding the point and orient constrain is slightly different with this one as we want it to match the roll and twist movements in the channel box when we move the x and z axis. But before all that we need to make a spine IK handle to move with the hip control. You can do this by once again going to Skeleton> Create IK spline handle and attach the head and the bottom of the spine (Hips).

Now you can add your point constrain by using the outliner to attach the relevant joints with the controls. But the orient constrain is different this time so by going into the orient constrain menu again we shall change the all ticked box to X and Z axis no Y so you cannot turn using rotate Y. Anyway to match the X with roll and Z with twist we need to attach them together in the channel box. This is done by going to the controller editor which is in the Windows menu at the top of the screen in the toolbar. Now having this open you need to select the hips and press reload left in the controller editor this is the same with the spine with the right side. Now having this two open next to one another in the controller editor you simple select rotate x in the hips menu and roll in the spine menu and close. Then with the hips press rotate Z and press Twist in the spine menu. Now when you attach your orient constrain with the X and Z selected the roll and twist will change in the channel box with the X and Z rotate keys.

Another thing to do with the channel box is you can hide or lock different parts of the channel box so you cannot access them. So in our case the controls need to have no scale or visibility in the channel box, so you simple highlight the three scale bars and right click lock and hide selected this will make them disappear from the channel box so you cannot change the scale. The visibility is simple right click and hide selected so you cannot change it but it’s not locked. Now the final step is to attach the head control and paint some skin weights onto the mesh to make it look more natural when I animate the rig.



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