Rigging my model character part 3

This part of the tutorial is https://youtu.be/NijKAkJ1-4g where I have made some simple shapes into controls to move the IK handles and Joint made in the previous posts for this production of a rig. So I have started by using the circle curve in the Curves and surfaces tab at the top left of the screen this will allow me to have the basic shapes in the perspective view to move and reshape the curves into suitable controls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Firstly I made the foot controls where I selected a circular curve and moved it around the ankle of the foot. By pressing F9 on the keyboard you can reshape the curve using some vertexes that appear after pressing this, which can be edited like normal vertexes using the move and scale keys. Therefore as seen above I reshaped the curve to fit around the foot to make a easily accessible control to move the leg IK handle. Next step is to add a point constrain and a orient constrain. Therefore you need to get the outliner up which is down by going to Windows> Outliner, this will allow you to select the different controls and joints. After naming the control L_Foot_CTRL you need to attach the constrains. But first you need to mirror the control and  make sure it changes from L_ to R_.

Next to attach the point constrain you need to select the foot joints in the Outliner, then by holding CTRL press the Control for the foot. Then go to constrain>point this allowed me to make a point constrain so when you move the control up and down the mesh will move with it. Next is to attach the Orient constrain this is similar but instead of holding CTRL you can hold Shift as the two will be above one another. With the orient constrain you need to make sure the box for ALL for the X, Y and Z to allow you to rotate the control using the X, Y and Z axis. Once again this the same process for the arms except the different is the names as this will be hand CTRL, plus in the images above the arm control is slightly more rounded and curved which is done by using the scale tool on the vertexes after pressing f9. You still use the same circular curve for the hand CTRL.

Next is to make a master control and change some things in the channel box to make it easier to animate the rig when it is finished.


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