Rigging my model character Part 2

In this part of the tutorial series I have created and attached the spine to the rest of the rig from the previous post. I have watched and followed through this video https://youtu.be/dEqqLhS8ABQ to help guide me through the production of this rig for my model.

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Using the joint creation tool again I was able to make some additional joints that go up through the character to make a spine allowing me to attach the legs and arms together with the neck and head. So following the tutorial I added the different joints for the spine and attached the arms to the spine as seen above. I attached the joints in a combination of the front and side view, while still having the model in wire frame mode to help show me where the joints would be. Having the rig pretty much completed I had to attach the rig to the model itself so that the joints will make the character move for animating. To do this you need to select the Joints and then select the mesh, then go to Skin>Bind Skin this will automatically attach the mesh and joints together, making the object go a pink colour when you select it.

After doing this the next stage is to attach some IK handles to the legs and arms to help make it easier to move these parts of the rig when I use it for animating. So to make the IK handle you go to Skeleton> Create IK handle. This will allow me to attach a IK handle to the already made Joint chain, so you simple select the tool and then you click onto the upper leg joint and the ankle, this will make a IK handle where you have a L shape on attach to the leg. This is your IK handle which you can duplicate by pressing CTRL D to make a duplicate to attach to the other leg. As you can see above when you move it up and down the leg will bend when you move the handle. This process once again is the same with the arms, where you will attach the IK handle to the shoulder and the wrist joints allowing you to bend the arm when you move the handle.

These two IK handles in the next tutorial will be attached to some controls to help move the joints and handles without having to select them as you simply need to select the control to move a particular part of the rig.


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