Rigging my character model Part 1

This task was to rig my character model that I have made previously using the tutorial series on Youtube. So using this youtube link https://youtu.be/wA8X_KrmEhI to help start me off for the process of making this model into a rig. So below are the various stages for the first part to the tutorial where I have made the basic bones/ joints.

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To start I went into side view by going to Orthographic>side and then pressed the wireframe key. This allowed me to have a transparent model to work with in the side view when I add the Joints. Next I needed to get up the create joint tool, this is done by going to the rigging menu in the top left menu and then going to Skeleton> create Joints. This will allow me to make the basic joints for the model. So I started by making the leg joints by following the instructions in the tutorial. Basically using the joint tool I made a joint at the; Hips, Knee, Ankle, Foot and a end joint at the end of the foot. This is my basic structure for the leg part of the rig. I also named the appropriately making it easier later on to attach the joints to specific controls.

I named the joints something like L_Ankle_Joint, as you can see above the leg is in the middle of the model, therefore using the move tool (W) allowed me to move the joints over in perspective mode easily matching the model’s mesh. Next I made an additional Joint above the hips which will be the connective joint that is the lowest part of the spine before the legs, essentially this is the joint that makes up the hips. Anyway using the Joint tool I was able to attach the top joint to the first leg joint. Having this allowed me to have a suitable joint structure to then mirror to the opposite side of the model. Going to the Skeleton menu and going down to Mirror joints you need to press the box. This will allow you to change the position of the mirror, so you want to have the XY selected and then type in the change from L_ and type change to R_ so what I typed earlier turns all the joints with L_ in front for Left will turn into R_ for Right making it easier to tell the difference.

This process is exactly the same for the arms, but the positions of the joints are different compared to the leg. I have not made the joints for the hands as that wasn’t in the tutorial as I wanted to follow the guide first and then go back and attach some more joints for the hands. Now I have the basic arms and legs Joints ready to attach to the spine in the next tutorial.



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