Production meeting minutes #4

The leap- Hannah’s idea

After talking with dan in the previous weeks we decided as a group to leave Edgar’s animation the Fight for the moment, otherwise we are not going to get the other animations done on time. So we have moved onto Hannah’s idea for a ballet leap. In this meeting Hannah gave out the basic jobs for everyone and told us the main idea.


  • My role- Environment model maker, Environment design and splining for the animation using graph editor
  • Hannah- Blocking animation, Director
  • Edgar- Colour for Environment
  • Robyn- Character design


  • Going with Ballerina idea, ballet routine leap
  • Made in 3D using Maya
  • Use Mery rig for ballerina
  • Environment- mirrors, bars, windows
  • Camera angles around character- pan around or follow character
  • Build Environment in Maya
  • Use Model first for Ballerina get some perspective
  • My Jobs need to be done by 20/02
  • Key poses- Hannah
  • Inbetweens- Robyn
  • Reference footage- Hannah
  • Editing- Me and Edgar

Things to include in Model environment

  • 1 Bar
  • Wooden floor
  • 3 windows (no curtains)
  • Look at different images for reference



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