Nordic Noir

The Killing character bio:

  • Sarah Lund
  • Traits
  • Character bio

Sarah Lund/ The killing notes- watching a episode of the Killing tv show

  • Monday 3rd November 6:30pm
  • Going to Sweden
  • Strained relationship
  • Opposing characters, replacement
  • Moving to Sweden, Nightmares
  • Stockhelm, she better than lazy replacement
  • Detective/ CID
  • She has a son and husband



  • Small details
  • Perceptive
  • Intelligent
  • Strong minded
  • Clever
  • Moral code


  • Bad tempered
  • Loss of personal relationship
  • Alcoholic
  • Emphasise with others
  • Arogant
  • Tragic past (trauma)
  • Anti-social
  • Sarah lund- she not afraid or unsettled by blood or dead bodies/ corpes
  • My detective ideas
  • Strength: Determined
  • Weakness: Obsessive

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