Performance animation (Blocking finished)

These videos show the development of the animation where I have gone through the animation and added a few break frames and some additional edits to the character features such as; hands, feet and hips. So in the first video I have mainly focused on the hands, moving them into key poses that look the most extreme or have the most changed compared to the previous frames. Using the rotate tool I simple move the fingers and wrist to match a pose similar to the reference footage to help get those natural movements of the hand when I either open or close my hand.

The video below is a playblast for the hips where I have gone through and rotated the hips when the character turns or moves side to side. This is because looking through the animation, the hips move up and down which is natural but the body shape seems to straight in some of the poses. So using the rotate tool again I have tilted some of the hip poses so that the hips have a natural curve when the character, turns or points his body in a certain direction. I have also gone through the key poses adding some additional frames inbetween to help get some more movement in the character before moving onto the splining. I have moved around the arms and legs to help get some more natural looking poses, as some of the mesh on the arms was distorted and looks like it had ripped. Furthermore with poses like when the character drinks the arm doesn’t go to the face, but goes behind the character instead so using the perspective view I was able to make those changes easily.

Finally this playblast below has the edits for the toes where I have used the foot controls to raise the toes, rotate the toes, and twist the feet from the heel to get that natural foot movement. Looking through I didn’t see the all the foot controls so I was trying to rotate the feet using the rotate tool, but doing this caused the legs to go out of shape. So using these foot controls allowed me to keep the feet in place and move the feet to fit the pose in the reference footage behind the character. This provided some more natural looking feet turns making the movement of the feet more natural for the character.

Next task will be to do the spline work where I shall use the graph editor, once all the blocking is checked over, to make the animation have those natural arcs/ curves and allowing me to have flowing movement rather than pose to pose. This will provide the target audience with a more appealing animation to watch.


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