Timing characters

This task was to create a 24 frame animation with multiple characters showing different timings between each of the characters to help develop my understanding of animating character with different timings. As you can see below the animation has multiple characters have some additional notes on the scene that has some of the timing plans for the characters.

So the first timing on the left is a head bang where the timing has a long pause and then a quick movement going from standing straight to head tilted. This is a natural movement for a head bang as you pause before you move, I have mad the timing A=frame 1 same for A1, B is fame 16 and C is frame 20. The second character in the middle has the timing for a simple tilt which has the timing of A=1, B=8 and C is 12. Finally the last character on the right has a robotic movement which is not natural as all the frames have the same spacing, so it is A=1, B=12 and C=24 which is not a natural movement.

This animation has allowed me to see that using different timing affects the various character movements and how it is represented to the audience. I think this will allow me to develop my understanding for changing my other animations to have better timing for the animations and so they look natural.


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