The Fight Meeting minutes #3

This meetup we discussed separating the Key pose animation that I had made previously into scenes making it more effective for Robyn and Hannah to work on the break down and Inbetweens for the animation. After looking through the video I made for the key poses we discussed that some of the timing needs to be changed to make it more appealing and natural looking.

One of the points we discussed was to change the part where the horse and Boar look at each other before they crash, so perhaps have the rule of three so the it will go back and forth to the horse and boar getting more and more shocked with over exaggerated expressions. Furthermore with the Extreme close up shot of the Knight and Viking we thought about making it one shot instead of two, where we cut the stage having a diagonal line across with one character on each side of the line.

So here are the scene cuts where I have written down the notes for where we have gone through and separated shots into scenes, with frame numbers and characters. This allowed me to make a new file so that I could separate the scenes for Robyn for the Viking scenes and Hannah for the Knight scenes. But the notes for my scene frames are below.

  • Scene 1- frame 1-44 (Horse and Kight)
  • Scene 2- frame 45- 64 (All characters)
  • Scene 3- frame 65-86 (Viking and Boar)
  • Scene 4- frame 87-105 (Horse and Knight)
  • Scene 5- frame 106-125 (All characters)
  • Scene 6- frame 126-144 (Trumpet)
  • Scene 7-frame 145-164 (Viking and Boar)
  • Scene 8- frame 165-174 (All characters)
  • Scene 9- frame 175-207 (Viking and Boar)
  • Scene 10-frame  208-219 (Viking)
  • Scene 11- frame 220-237 (Horse and Knight)
  • Scene 12-frame 238-245 (Viking and Boar)
  • Scene 13- frame 246-272 (Viking and Boar)
  • Scene 14- frame 273-279 (All characters)
  • Scene 15- frame 280-285 (Horse and Boar)
  • Scene 16- frame 286- 289 (Horse)
  • Scene 17- frame 290-299 (Boar)
  • Scene 18- frame 300-312 (Boar and Viking)
  • Scene 19- frame 313-324 (Viking and Boar)
  • Scene 20- frame 325-335 (Horse and Knight)
  • Scene 21- frame 336-345 (crash and end)

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